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This page arose from a need to translate into Latin a motto for a project: your project is 'pants'. We ended up using opus for project in preference to orsus, which seems to be poetic and more about beginnings than whole undertakings. Finding something, preferably an adjective, for 'pants' proved a challenge. aegrotus = ill / sick / diseased seemed better than infirmus = weak / feeble and we could not find adjectives corresponding to the nouns purgamantum = sweepings / dirt / rubbish and quisquiliarum = rubbish. It looks like we found the relevant declensions and matched gender... but we can't be sure! Anyway, the chosen motto was...

opus vester aegrotus est (literally, something like your deed is diseased)

A close second, and more appropriate if the project was not worth doing in the first place, is a similar motto using cassus = empty / hollow / worthless / useless / devoid of...

opus vester cassus est (literally, something like your deed is worthless)